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Habitat Hectare Assessment

Habbitat Hectare Assessment - Brett Lane and Associates

The habitat hectare assessment method was established in 2004 by the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (then DSE) to assess vegetation quality throughout Victoria. The assessments are undertaken by comparing a number of site-based habitat and landscape attributes to a vegetation benchmark relevant to the Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) being assessed. The habitat hectare assessment allows the habitat score value of remnant patches of native vegetation to be calculated.

The new Biodiversity assessment guidelines retain the use of the habitat hectare concept. A revised habitat hectare assessment method is to be introduced by DELWP; in the meantime, the current method remains in place.  More information on the current technique can be found at:

All habitat hectare assessments are undertaken by botanists certified by DELWP. The botanical team at BL&A are certified by DELWP and have extensive experience in conducting Habitat Hectare assessments throughout Victoria.

When would I need to undertake a habitat hectare assessment?

A habitat hectare assessment is required for all projects in Victoria subject to a moderate or high risk assessment pathway and can be applied to verify actual site conditions in the low risk assessment pathway.

How are habitat hectare assessment and net gain analysis undertaken?

BL&A botanists certified by DELWP can undertake a habitat hectare assessment. Please contact us if you wish to speak to a specialist about this.

How are the results of a habitat hectare assessment presented?

The results of the assessment are presented as a map showing each discrete area of native vegetation or ‘habitat zone’ on a project site in a report detailing habitat scores of each habitat zone.